She Vohm

"The force should always be used respectfully and responsibly"




She Vohm is a disciplined Jedi Knight who grew up in the outer rim, but was discovered by the Jedi at a young age due to her proximity to ancient runes a Jedi historian was researching. She became a Padawan after her academy training under Jedi Master Klorna and reached knighthood after a decade of training and missions.

The details of her knighthood are not spoken in detail and is regarded as a touchy subject to those who know her. All that is known is she faced powerful adversaries and stood defiant to the temptations of the dark side. Only Jedi Master Klorna knows the full story.

She Vohm spent time after becoming a Knight to recuperate and aid the younglings in the academy, when a young student named Koba caught her eye. She has taken him as her Padawan learner.

She Vohm

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